How do I change my website address?

You've got several options when it comes to changing your website address.

Using your own domain name

We recommend using your own domain name, such as Using your own domain name makes it much easier for your visitors to find your website and also makes you look more professional. Domain names are extremely cheap so they're definitely affordable.

Click here to find a domain name or see more instructions.

We always recommend GoDaddy as your domain registrar because they generally offer the best prices but also awesome service and customer support too. They are one of the worlds largest domain name registrars so we've created a step by step guide to setting up your domain name.

Changing your website address without a domain name

If you want to change your website address without buying a domain name, click the Settings tab in your Admin Panel, click Main Settings in the left menu, then under the 'Website Settings' button there is a 'Website Address' option for you to customize.


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