How to edit your theme - Theme Builder introduction

Our flagship theme builder/editor makes it super easy to change your website theme. It's what our designers use to design our themes, which allow us to design some really awesome and professional looking themes. To get started with the theme builder, first click the 'Menu' tab in your Admin Panel, then scroll down to 'Content', and then click the 'Theme Builder' tab.

With the Premium+ plan, the theme builder works on a per-page-basis, which means you can edit each page individually if you want. But editing every page on it's own would take ages, which is why by default all pages will follow the 'Default theme'. If you edit a different page then that page will no longer use the 'Default theme' anymore, so editing the 'Default theme' will apply changes to all other pages except for the page that is using it's own theme.

We recommend you always edit the 'Default theme', unless you want to make minor changes to other pages. To get started, click the 'Edit' button next to the 'Default theme' option. You will then be presented with the theme builder, which consists of a top section where you customize the theme settings and a bottom section which is a live preview of the changes you are making.

In the top left, you will see two drop down menus. The first one selects a section in your theme, for example the primary title. The second drop down menu shows all the options you can customize for that section.

So the two drop down menus define the 'sections' and the 'options' available to customize.

Let's change the background color of the primary title as an example. Select the 'Primary Title' section in the first drop down menu, or select the primary title in the live preview.

Then select the background color option in the second drop down menu. This will bring up an option to change the background color, so just click the box and select the background color you'd like to use. Note: in order to see the background color you will first have to remove the background image, if it has one.

When you select a background color the live preview will automatically update. When you are happy with the changes, make sure you press the save button.

Some final remarks

The theme builder is an incredibly powerful tool for designing themes. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of options - you do not need to change all of them. The theme builder may take a little getting used to but it is very easy to pick up after a bit of experimenting. Plus it's fun designing themes too!


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