How do I create forums?

Forums are an essential part of every social website. Operating a message board is a great way of developing a group and growing your community. Forums can be a place for people to discuss concerns, share files or reveal understanding.

To get started, click the 'Admin Panel > Menu > Settings > Forum Categories. Forums are divided up into categories and boards, boards go into categories which is why we need to create categories first. If you click 'Boards' without first creating any categories, then you will be redirected to the categories page.

You can create a new category. You can also select who has access to this category, by selecting certain ranks (make sure you've created some ranks first). If you want to allow everyone to have access to this category, just leave the category access options blank, i.e. do not select any ranks.

Once you've created your categories you can then start to fill up your categories with boards. Click ' New Board' to create some boards. Having a very structured forum is very important, especially as your community grows. Boards have several important options such as a picture that is shown on the forum homepage (which you can upload), whether you would like to allow file uploads to this board and also who you'd like to moderate this board.

Once you've created your forum, you and your visitors are ready to start posting. Have fun!


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