How do I setup donations?

Donations can be an important feature for you as it helps to raise funds to pay for expenses of running your group. First you will need to add the Donation panel to your website.

Click the 'Themes' tab in your Admin Panel, then click 'Panel Layouts', then click 'Edit' next to the Default layout.

Mid-way down the page you will see an option to add panels to this page, so select the "Donate" button.

Once you've added the donation panel you need to set it up. Where you see the donation panel, click the edit icon and then click 'Options'.

In the next step, follow the instructions you see to setup and register a PayPal account. It is completely free to do this. Once you've setup a PayPal account, enter your PayPal email address. Enter in a goal amount and select your primary currency. When someone donates the amount raised will automatically update, allowing you to keep track of who donated and by how much.

If a member donates using a different payment method (such as a check or bank transfer) then you are able to add them to the donations list and specify how much they donated.


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