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Member Payments.
Charge your team members online and keep track of who has paid and who hasn't. No more messing around with cash and book-keeping, our automated system keeps track of everthing and ultimately, makes you more money. Member Payments
Event Scheduling.
Easily schedule events and matches. Create online signup sheets so you know which members will be attending. Now everyone knows what is happening with your team! Events
Power packed forums make communicating and engaging with other members easy! Our fully featured forums come with complete moderation controls, file attachments, subscriptions and notifications. Join the discussion! Forums
Elegant Admin Panel.
Simple, minimalist and easy to navigate makes website administration a bliss. Tweak themes, add features, manage your members and every other aspect from your central command room. It's awesome. Admin Panel
Put your website on auto pilot and automate everything. Powerful automations simplify and eliminate mundane, boring, daily tasks, such as rank upgrades, sending emails and issuing awards. The possibilities are endless. Automations
Theme Builder.
Customize and tweak your website theme to your exact requirements. With over 100 templates to choose from, there's something for everyone. Just click a section, make changes and see the preview. Get creative!
Tournament Manager.
Host competitive tournaments directly inside your own community. Organize single elimination, double elimination and round robin tournaments with ease. Our tournament manager takes care of all the brackets and complexities for you.
Match Reporting.
Are you a competitive team and regularly play against other clan & guilds? Showcase your team by recording match details and display your win/loss statistics. Match Reporting
File & Web Hosting.
No need to worry about anything technical. Our load balanced, cloud hosted infrastructure keeps your site up and running. Intelligent caching algorithms means your site runs super fast. Every site comes with file hosting space too! File Hosting
Keep your members updated by sending them newsletters directly to their email inbox. Have important updates? No problem! Newsletters
Mobile Enabled.
Browse your site on any mobile device and stay up to date on the go! Our websites will automatically detect your mobile device and switch into mobile mode. Mobile Enabled
League Stats.
Setup highly customizable leaderboards to display critical member statistics. Setup reports to automate the updating of member statistics. League Stats
Instant Chat.
Chat to your buddies in real time, from any page! Chat to your members individually or setup group chat rooms and control who can access each room. Instant Chat
Segment your members into different ranks. Use these to control which members can access different parts of your site. Ranks
With hundreds more features, our community CMS is the ultimate hosting platform for your college or university club.
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